What to look for guide

Does the resident have custodial care needs (e.g. help with dressing, bathing, incontinence, help out of bed, help with walker or wheelchair, help with dementia or Alzheimers, etc. ) or nursing care needs (e.g., g-tube, tracheostomy, i.v., bed sores, etc.)?

What type of care setting is the most appropriate and provides the highest quality of life for the resident (assisted living, residential board and care (RCFE) or skilled nursing)?

Does the administrator seem experienced, warm and caring?

Does the staff seem experienced, warm and caring? What is the staff to resident ratio?

How long has the staff been at the facility?

What type of residents does the facility have (mostly alert, confused, etc.)?

Is the facility licensed by either the Department of Health (nursing) or by the Department of Social Services (assisted living)?

Is the facility clean and well-maintained?

Does the staff communicate well in the language of the residents?

What type of activities does the facility provide?

How is the quality of food?

For nursing and assisted living hotels: how long has the administrator been at the facility?

Does the facility have any violations or citations against it?

Is the facility geographically convenient for the family to regularly visit unannounced?

For clients with dementia or Alzheimers: does the home have a dementia waiver?

For wanderers: is the facility locked or gated?

For assisted living/ retirement hotels: does the home provide transportation to activities?

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