From the moment I spoke to you you really listen to my needs and concerns and helped me to identify exactly what my father needed as you spoke from personal experience. You helped me to find the right place that would meet all of my father’s needs and it was located just around the corner from my home which was a huge factor for both my father and I. The moment I walked into the facility and met the staff I knew my dad would be in caring hands.

THANK YOU for connecting me to the perfect place for my father. I was truly lost at where to find the right place and didn’t know where to even start looking. Without Connections – Care Home Referrals services I would’ve been lost on where to find the right place for my father.

My daily visits reassured me that I found the perfect place for my father, they really cared about his quality of life and treated him as one of their own family members. The facility never fell short of everything Connections said they offered.

Thank you is not a strong enough word to state how much I appreciated the guidance and referral Connections – gave me.

I would highly recommend Connections- Care Home Referrals to anyone who is looking for assistance in find the right home for their loved ones.
— D.K.Sanchez
Thank you very much for the great information you gave me. We did place my Mom as of yesterday afternoon and so far everything is going well.

I am so impressed with the great service you provided for me and how speedy you were in doing so, I will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone I know that might be faced with the same situation in the future.

Thank you once again for making a difficult situation a bit easier.
— Sandy I.
Your service, your kind and comforting words and your patience and empathy were more than I ever expected humanly possible. Angela, my sister agrees. (She said that she’s spoken to you three times already!)

On behalf of our wonderful father, we want to thank you and let you know that you are our ‘angel’.

Your company has filled a void that leaves our most precious loved ones in limbo. So, for that I can only say, ‘THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!’

Your new biggest fan,
— Barb Camilleri-McManus
I just wanted to thank you for your help. We have finally moved my mom into a residential care facility. We made the move this week. It’s only been a couple of days, but our peace of mind is much better. The stress was really weighing on me and my sister to the point that our health was failing.

She is now at one of the homes you recommended. We would never have known about this home without your help.

Thanks again.
— Hank
I appreciated the referrals that Carehomefinders provided me in the placement of my mother. This was truly one of the hardest things I have ever done and I had already researched numerous options before I gave Carehomefinders a call.

Not only was Carehomefinders helpful and knowledgeable, I truly appreciated having a compassionate ear to talk to. They listened and gave me the necessary reassurance that I was doing the right thing.

Carehomefinders did all the work! After discussing our specific needs, they went right to work. They called me within an hour with the names of numerous board and care facilities which had openings and which met our criteria. We spend one entire day visiting the homes on the list, made the decision and had my mother placed within a week.

While my mother took a while to adjust to the situation, she is now settling in. Other family members, who initially questioned my decision, are now coming around when they see how safe and well cared for she is at her new home.

Thank you so much for your help during this difficult time.
— Kelsey
Just wanted to let you know how helpful Carehomefinders was in assisting me in placing my cousin in an assisted living facility. After asking me a few questions about my cousin and his needs, Carehomefinders called back after only 20 min with 5 facilities with ideas about homes whose staff and reputation they knew personally. We were able to get him out of an abusive situation and placed the next day because of their prompt response. Thank you very much.
— Robin P.
Thank you for providing us with the perfect situation for my Dad. I never expected he would find a place to live that he likes even better than his own home. Dimitri (the owner of the home) is a perfect fit, as both he and my Dad are European and have that European sensibility. Between the great food, classical music, and high functioning clientele, he is so much happier than the first place he moved to.

I’m not sure who appreciates it more, my Dad or me. It’s the first time I have been able to relax in a very long time. Your service was a life saver.
— Susie
You referred us to a care home for my husband, John. I cannot thank you enough. The care that John is receiving is far above what I (and he) could have hoped. They care for him as though he were at home here within our home. I am welcome there at any time, and birthdays, holidays, etc are all celebrated. He is receiving the kind of care I would give him in our home. Connecions is the finest referral agency - anywhere, and you and your whole staff are to be commended. Carehomefinders does follow-ups and is consciencious and caring. I was called a few times to be sure we were happy with John’s placement. Many heartfelt thanks,
— Mary
Finding the right place for your parents isn’t that easy if it’s not going to be with you. Carehomefinders asked the right questions and within an hour they came back with not a long list of homes, but with the ones they felt would be suitable for my parents needs and their lifestyle. All I can say is thank you for being understanding and making it easy to put them in a home other than our own that they will feel safe in.

Thank you again.
— Vicki
You found my mother a RCFE in Yorba Linda. The caregivers, Ramon and Beng, are the most caring, wonderful people in the world. My mother was always clean, as was the house and yard. I went to visit every day so I was very aware of all that went on. These people are TRULY honest, caring, thoughtful, wonderful people who sincerely CARE about the residents that they are in charge of. Two weeks ago my mother died at age 91yrs, 11 mos. Up until the last minute there, her care was exceptional. Even after she was hospitalized, Ramon came and sat at the hospital with us for hours. I can’t tell you how much that meant to us. They cried with us when she died. For the rest of my life I will never forget or regret the care that was given to her. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for finding this home for her and I would encourage you to place anyone, with almost any problem, with them. There could be no better place anywhere!!! I REALLY mean this.

I hope your future clients feel comfortable using Carehomefinders to place even the most difficult of patients, as they are caring, giving, loving people who take the time to respect the person within. You will be glad you did...as I am glad you did for me.
— J.Anderson
I am greatly appreciative of all the advice, guidance and assistance from Carehomefinders in selecting and finding the appropriate residential care facility for my husband. Carehomefinders made a difficult process so much easier—an overwhelming task became a simple one. Thank you!
— S. Youngblood
Many thanks to Carehomefinders!

I was referred to Carehomefinders by another agency. I called one day and spoke with a staff at Carehomefinders. He made some alternative suggestions to a convalescent home for a lady in my care who was being moved from another facility. When I got back to him a couple of days later with our immediate needs, he made a phone call and called me back within 30 minutes. he had located a place. The lady at the facility called me a short time later telling me she had space available.She moved her from the other facility four days later. All this is taking place on the opposite coast from where I live. Today, I was called again to make sure all was going well. Kudos to Carehomefinders.
— Euell
We are very grateful for your help. Lucky for us you were recommended as a possible source of information related to home care in the LA area.

My family had been trying to locate a care home close to our home. We were concerned about mileage, environment and other factors including costs. When we contacted you, fortunately, you provided us with several care home locations within our local area. All of which were first class. We found a couple that best met our needs and made a selection from one that you recommended.

Your help is greated appreciated. Thank you.
— Dean B.
My name is Jo Anne Kurman. I am the daughter of Anna Kurman. My mother was in need of a Board and Care in the last seven months of her life. My family was blessed to have found Jason at Carehomefinders who helped find the perfect home for my mother. My mom’s Board and Care had veryloving caretakers who treated my mother like their own mother. We will be forever grateful and we want to thank Jason at Carehomefinders for his excellent work and care at such a difficult time.
— Jo Anne Kurman
I’m extremely grateful for Carehomefinders help at a time when my family and I needed it most. My mother was just about to be released from the hospital after breaking her hip. We knew that it would be almost impossible for her to return to the assisted living facility that she was currently living in. We needed a board and care facility that would give herkind, compassionate and competent care and we needed it yesterday. We had done quite a bit of research on board andcare facilities prior to placing my mother in an assisted living facility, so we we were very pleased when Carehomefinders gave us a list of facilities and rankings of those facilities based on personal evaluations. We selected a home that is providing her with not only the care that she needs but the moral support to convalesce following her injury. I wish I had placed her in this home earlier, she is truly happy in her new surroundings and we feel secure in the fact that she is getting the very best of care.

Thanks again Carehomefinders for a job well done!
— A.Lopez
Carehomefinders was so much help to me as I searched for an alternative living situation for my Mother. Mom’s health had deteriorated to a point that she was no longer safe in her assisted living environment and Carehomefinders staff listened and recommended a living situation where she would be safe and well cared for, and not a nursing home which I was trying to avoid. Connection assessed our family’s needs and very quickly referred me to residential care homes within the geographic area that met our family’s desires. We selected a wonderful residential care home. Mom moved in a little over a week ago. She has her own bedroom and is adjusting well to her new living situation. She enjoys the home-cooked meals that she missed while living at the assisted living facility. I go to sleep now at night knowing she is safe and well cared for.
— P.Amesbury

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