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How we work.

1) We are a no cost care home referral agency for the family (we charge a placement fee from the facility if you select one of the homes we have recommended). You begin by speaking with one of our care home consultants.  We'll conduct a comprehensive intake of care needs, time frame, geographic preference and budget.

2) We call the care homes we visit and monitor for quality (via follow-up calls with families to determine resident satisfaction and licensing checks), inquire about the current availability, describe the care needs of the potential resident, inquire about the mental acuity of the other residents (e.g. if they are alert or confused), and ask about the monthly rate based on the level of care.

3) We provide you with a customized list of care homes (usually within 1/2 hour) that have availability and that will work within your budget based on the described level of care. 

4) You visit the homes and select the one that you like the best.

Sam Hoffman and friend (picture taken circa 1945).

Sam Hoffman and friend (picture taken circa 1945).

How we began.

HELLO! I’m Jason.

For more than 30 years my staff and I have helped families find care homes for the elderly. 

I started Connections because of the experience I had when looking for a care home for my grandfather, Sam Hoffman (Sam is the good looking guy on the right side of the photograph).

Sam immigrated to the US from Poland, settled in Cleveland, Ohio and a few years later moved with his wife, Ann, to Los Angeles, California.

For most of his life Sam worked as a salesman in the clothing industry. In his 70's Sam began showing signs of Alzheimer’s and when he started "wandering" I was appointed his conservator. When care at home was no longer sufficient and Sam required 24-hour supervision I began the search for a care home. After seeing many places I eventually chose a small 4-6 bed board and care home. The two caretakers were experienced and kind and, because my grandfather loved to eat, they plied him with as much good food as he could handle. He lived there until he passed away five years later.

The search for a good care home was time consuming and difficult. I began Connections in 1990 to make the process easier for others researching care home options.

Talk to you soon.


Jason Bloome/ CEO/ Connections - Care Home Referrals