We've helped families find the very best care homes since 1990.

The search for a good care facility can be frustrating, time-consuming and difficult. We make the search simple by providing no cost information and referral to retirement, assisted living, board and care, nursing and Alzheimers homes in Southern California (including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Antelope and Ventura counties). Of the more than 2,000 senior care homes we have seen we only recommend homes we feel to be the best (based on our evaluations and quality checks we conduct with families we have assisted with placement).

Families, senior care agencies and hospital social workers trust Connections to recommend the right care homes based on care needs, level of acuity (e.g. alert vs. confused), budget and geographic preference. We provide a customized list for each family we assist within 1/2 hour.

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This is Sam (on the right, circa 1945).

This is Sam (on the right, circa 1945).

For more than 25 years my staff and I have helped families find just the right care homes for their loved ones.

I started Connections because of the experience I had when looking for a care home for my grandfather, Sam Hoffman (he's the good looking guy on the right, picture taken circa 1947.)

Sam immigrated to the US from Poland, settled in Cleveland, Ohio and a few years later moved with his wife, Ann, to Los Angeles, California. For most of his life Sam worked as a salesman in the clothing industry. In his 70's Sam began showing signs of Alzheimers and when he started "wandering" I was appointed his conservator. When care at home was no longer sufficient and Sam required 24-hour supervision I began the search for a care home.  After seeing many places I eventually chose a small 4-6 bed board and care home. The two caretakers were very loving and, because my grandfather loved to eat, they plied him with as much good food as he could handle. He lived there for five years.

The search for a good care home was time consuming and difficult. I began Connections in 1990 to make the process easier for others researching care home options.

Need some help finding the right care home? Give us a call (800-300-5993) or fill out our data form (below) and we can contact you.

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